Dove Ornaments

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Dove Ornaments

Sentiments of peace and awareness give special meaning to these ornaments

By Tom Zieg

A personalized ornament makes a welcome gift. But a personalized ornament that benefits cancer awareness ise even more welcome. These ornaments are easy to personalize and offer endless alternative when it comes to supporting cancer awareness.

The blank ornament will allow for names and dates to be incorporated into the design using the alphabet provided. The design can also be scrolled without the ribbon for a classic message of peace.

The Meaning of the Ribbon Colors

The ribbon has become an universal symbol for awareness. Many organizations use the ribbon to gain support for their cause. The ribbon colors have different meanings. In support of cancer victims and survivors, colors used are in the chart below. A website that provides a good reference for color / disease symbolism is

Lavender General Cancer Awareness
Pink Breast Cancer
Black Melanoma
Light Blue Prostate Cancer
Burgundy Multiple Myeloma
Pearl Lung Cancer
Dark Blue Colon Cancer
Gold Childhood Cancers
Gray Brain Cancer
Kelly Green Kidney Cancer
Lime Green Lymphoma
Orance Leukemia
Peach Uterine Cancer
Teal Ovarian Cancer
Teal and White Cervical Cancer
Purple Pancreatic Cancer
Yellow Sarcoma / Liver Cancer
White Bone Cancer

Materials & Tools:


  • Baltic birch plywood, 1/8″ (3mm) thick: per ornament, 5″ x 6″ (12.7cm x 15.2cm)
  • Spray adhesive: temporary bond
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clear spray finish
  • Ornament hanger



  • Scroll saw blades, #2/0 reverse-tooth
  • Drill with bit: #62 wire size
  • Pad sander
  • Paintbrush

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