Leprechaun Puzzle

Leprechaun Puzzle

Make a puzzle or pendant with this St. Patrick’s Day pattern By Tony and June Burns Share the luck o’ the Irish by making a leprechaun! Intended as a three-piece puzzle, the pattern is a snap to cut and paint. You could also skip the interior cuts and paint the […]

by March 7, 2017 Projects, Spring
Good Luck Fretwork

Good Luck Fretwork

Scroll this symbolic design as a plaque or box top By Joe Preston This project was inspired by a Victorian document box my son picked up at a store. (That’s the original in the photo.) I really liked the horseshoe and clover “good luck” design, so I recreated it as a […]

by March 7, 2017 Patterns, Projects
Freestanding VW Beetle Puzzle

Freestanding VW Beetle Puzzle

  Celebrate the joy of summer road trips with a classic VW Beetle By Eric Van Malderen My neighbor, whose first car was a VW Beetle, inspired me to design this car puzzle. The Volkswagen Type 1 is the most famous VW and is regarded by some to be the […]

by April 11, 2016 Projects
Fretwork Easter Ornaments

Fretwork Easter Ornaments

By Tom Sevy Design by Volker Arnold This set of interchangeable Easter ornaments will be a great addition to your spring decorating—and since they can be stack cut, they make ideal sale or gift items. They aren’t difficult to make, but they do require some careful and intricate scrolling. There […]

by March 23, 2016 How To, Patterns, Projects, Spring
Spring Flowers Frame

Spring Flowers Frame

By John A. Nelson Cut by David Penman Spring is in the air! Scroll this classy, floral-themed frame to showcase those special snapshots. Or cut the frame out and add a mirror for a stunning decorative element. Adjust the frame to fit any photo by increasing or decreasing the size […]

by March 21, 2016 How To, Patterns, Projects
Scrap Wood Butterflies and Dragonflies

Scrap Wood Butterflies and Dragonflies

By Joe and Paige Paisley We designed these butterflies and dragonflies to use all of the small but highly figured pieces of wood we had lying around our shop. You can’t just throw them in the fireplace, and these little critters are great items to sell or give away. We hope […]

by March 20, 2016 How To, Patterns, Projects

Layered Garden Bunnies

By Paul Meisel These delightful bunnies are easy to create and make great gifts or sale items. They are easy to make for several reasons. First, the shapes do not require precision cutting and, therefore, are very forgiving should you go outside the cut lines. Second, there are no inside cuts. […]

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Easter Bunny Intarsia

Easter Bunny Intarsia

By Kathy Wise This versatile design can be made a number of different ways. First choose whether your bunny will be a solid color or have spots. Then decide if you will display the bunny on its own, add the simple base or include the Easter egg design. The project […]

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[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D200
2007/11/01 13:51:04.9
RAW (12-bit)
Image Size: Large (3872 x 2592)
Lens: 60 mm F/2.8 D
Focal Length: 60 mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/160 s - F/18
Exposure Comp.: -0.3 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Optimize Image: Portrait
White Balance: Auto
Focus Mode: AF-S
VR Control:
Long Exposure NR: OFF
High ISO NR: Off
Color Mode: Mode I (Adobe RGB)
Tone Comp.: Auto
Hue Adjustment: 0°
Saturation: Auto
Sharpening: Medium low
Flash Mode:
Flash Exposure Comp.:
Flash Sync Mode:
Image Authentication: OFF
Image Comment:
[#End of Shooting Data Section]

New Beginnings Intarsia or Fretwork Cross

By Carol and Homer Bishop We designed this project to represent our faith and as a way to celebrate the birth and renewal of spring. Created with traditional intarsia techniques, which use only natural wood colors, the design lacked the impact we originally envisioned. We tried several different methods to […]

by March 10, 2016 How To, Patterns, Projects, Spring
Frog Eye Plate Saves the Day

Frog Eye Plate Saves the Day

by Jo Schwartz Transform an ugly pine plate into a pretty piece of pyrography Pine is great for many craft projects, but it is not ideal for pyrography. Its grain alternates between being very hard and very soft, and becomes sappy in spots when subjected to heat. However, you might […]

by March 4, 2016 Projects, Step by Step