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Cake Toppers

Deck out a sweet surprise with an even sweeter homemade message

By Kaylee Schofield

Designed by Jon Deck

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Every victory, big or small, is an excuse for cake—and a birthday is a big victory, no matter how you slice it! That’s why we’ve designed three different cake topper patterns for your decorating pleasure. You can cut them from plywood or an attractive hardwood, and go for a muted finish or loads of vivid color. You could even skip the cake and cut off the stakes, sticking the decorative message to a gift box or enlarging the pattern to make a wall banner for your next big party.

Cutting and Finishing

Increase or decrease the pattern size as desired. Cut the wood to size and cover it with blue painter’s tape. Attach the pattern to the tape with spray adhesive.

Make all inner cuts first, letting the saw do the work and holding the project firmly against the table to avoid wobbling. We used a #3 reverse-tooth blade for the entire project. If using a thin wood such as 1/4″ (6mm) plywood, stack-cut for additional control and take your time; these pieces can easily snap. Switch to a new blade if necessary, and cut the perimeter. You can either include the stick sections in your initial cutting to make a one-piece topper or use wooden skewers later.

Gently hand-sand with 220-grit sandpaper to remove any fuzzies. If adding skewers, cut them to size and drill holes in the topper base, securing them with wood glue. Let the assembly dry. Finish with a clear semi-gloss spray lacquer or spray paint in the color of your choice. Allow the finish to dry thoroughly before use.

WARNING: Because this project will come in contact with food, choose a nontoxic wood for the stakes. Many common hardwoods—such as maple, cherry, or oak—are fine, but some exotic tropical hardwoods can be dangerous. Every commercial finish is food-safe when fully cured, but if you have any concerns, use shellac or a nontoxic acrylic paint, or simply leave the skewers unfinished.

Download the bonus cake topper pattern HERE: 

WEB-Cake Topper Bonus Pattern


• Wood, 1/4″ to 1/2″ (6mm to 1.3cm) thick: sized for pattern

• Spray adhesive

• Tape: blue painter’s

• Sandpaper: 220 grit

• Skewers, wooden 3/32″ dia.: sized for pattern (optional)

• Wood glue (optional)

• Finish: clear semi-gloss spray lacquer or spray paint


• Drill press with bits: assorted small

• Scroll saw blades: #3 reverse-tooth


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