Attaching patterns with a cold laminating machine

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Attaching patterns with a cold laminating machine

issues-ssw33-Ornaments-silo1New pattern attachment method and web-exclusive ornaments

When I spray adhesive on the back of the patterns and cut long delicate pieces, the pattern has a tendency to pull loose. I have to use a toothpick to hold the pattern down so I can follow the lines, which is a hassle. I recently discovered the Xyron 9″ Creative Station, which is a cold laminating machine.

To use the laminating machine, load a 40-foot roll of repositionable adhesive into the machine and run the 8½” x 11″ printed paper pattern through the machine. After the pattern comes out the other side, peel off the paper backing and affix it to the wood. The pattern doesn’t come loose while cutting and is easy to peel off the ornament when you are finished.

Using the Laminating Machine

Step1Step 1: Load the 8½” x 11″ printed pattern into the laminator.
Step2Step 2: Turn the crank to feed the pattern through the laminator.
Step3Step 3: The pattern comes out the other side of the laminator with an adhesive sheet and protective wrapping applied.
Step4Step 4: Cut the adhesive lamination sheet with the cutter attached to the laminating machine.
Step5Step 5: Remove the clear protective wrapper from the pattern.
Step6Step 6: Cut out the individual patterns.

Download bonus patterns as part of the attachment (PDF required).

Bear Pattern
Rocking Horse Pattern
Gingerman Pattern
Dove Pattern
Peace Dove Pattern
Dove Pattern