Adding Color to Bland Woods


Adding Color to Bland Woods

See the magazine team add color stains, dyes, pigments, and paints to plain woods mentioned in the summer issue in this exclusive video! 

One of the great surprises of nature is that wood runs the gamut of colors: for every letter in ROY G. BIV, there’s at least one wood species to match. Makers of intarsia, puzzles, and fret portraits jump at the chance to celebrate these natural hues in their scrollwork. But what if colorful exotic hardwoods, which can sometimes run you $65+ per board foot, are outside your budget? What if your shop space doesn’t allow for the dust collection setup that these materials often call for—or you prefer to stick to locally sourced lumber in your projects?   

The great news is, woodworking suppliers have considered this. We’ve rounded up the five best options for creating vibrant colors on bland woods, so that no matter what you have lying around your shop—from a 2×4 to a piece of tupelo—you can turn it into a project with character and vibrancy. Read the full “5 Ways to Add Color to Bland Woods” article in our summer issue.

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