2015 Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Holiday Gift Guide


2015 Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Holiday Gift Guide


Does your family always ask what to get you for whichever holiday you celebrate? Send them here to find a good selection of tools   guaranteed to keep you in the sawdust all year long!






Check out this John Nelson puzzle pack, available from PS Wood Machines. It features 25 single sheet (11″ x 17″) puzzle patterns by John Nelson.They range from simple nine piece puzzles to a not-so-simple 102 piece puzzle. The pack is available for $9.95 plus $2.50 S&H from PS Wood Machines, www.pswood.com.







Seyco’s Fantastic Scrollers Drill allows you to drill holes precisely at 90 degree, or other desired angles, accurately without the THROAT DEPTH RESTRICTIONS experienced when using a common drill press. The chuck capacity of the drill is from 0 to 1/8″. It comes complete with a heavy duty DC power supply and 20 of our most popular bits smaller than 1/16″. It comes with a 1 Year replacement Warranty. As a December 2015 special, the drill is available for $99 with free shipping for all online orders placed in December 2015. Visit www.Seyco.com to order.



drillnado kit NEW


Finally! DRILLNADO provides dust collection for the drill press. Because DRILLNADO surrounds the drill chuck and bit, it collects nearly all of the drilling dust and debris.  Its housing is expandable and sustains the desired length, so you can position the vacuum opening right where the dust and debris is created. DRILLNADO is available for $39.99. Replacement expandable housings are $7.99. Contact DRILLNADO at www.drillnado.com 317-946-7506.





Enhance the decorative appeal of hundreds of items with the brilliant colors and soft texture of Suede-Tex spray-on finish from Flockit. Flocking can be used to create a soft, velvety surface on a hard item, or to create a more durable and non-slip surface on a smooth or otherwise non-durable surface. Available in over 30 colors; the Rayon Mini Flocker Kit (#645) is available for $22.70 plus S&H from Flockit, www.flockit.com, 800-336-6537.






King Arthur’s Tools has a brand new wood-eating Holey Galahad. The Purple Round Extreme is for extremely rapid removal, up to 20% faster than the course blue Holey Galahad.  Holey Galahad is engineered to “open a window to your work.” This is a great tool for for coping seats, log  furniture, debarking logs, and it’s aggressive enough to carve bowls and platters.  The made in the USA tool is available for $83.20 from King Arthur’s Tools, www.katools.com.





48111Precision Midi

The NOVA Precision Midi Chuck is an ideal chuck for mini, midi and smaller lathes with up to 12″ diameter swing. This chuck is ideal for those who want a small, cost effective, and quality chuck made with precision machining. It features a common accessory jaw fixing profile that is compatible across all NOVA chucks and accessories. It also features high tech precision composite jaw slides, special woodturning dovetail profile on the jaws, an auto stop feature so the jaw slides can’t protrude past the chuck body, an insert/adaptor fitting to make it compatible across all NOVA chucks, and a two year warranty. The MSRP is $99.99. Visit teknatool.com/distributors/usa.htm to find a local NOVA distributer.



Pony copy



Easy Wood Tools’ Mini Easy Finisher® features a genuine EWT Carbide Cutter™ with a 3/8″  by 4″ long stainless steel tool bar and a 12″ long hard maple Easy Grip Handle™. This makes the overall length of the tool 16″ with a 2″ maximum reach. The MSRP for the tool is $89.99 plus S&H. Contact Easy Wood Tools at 866-963-0294, www.easywoodtools.com.




Proxxon’s Precision Rotary Tool FBS 115/E features a soft grip two-component housing for comfortable handling and optimal control. There are 1001 uses for this versatile tool, from drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, brushing, de-burring, rust removal, engraving, carving and cutting. The 1/8hp motor features special technology (no replacing of brushes necessary) with full-wave electronic speed control (from 5,000 to 20,000rpm) allows for powerful operation with constant torque, even at low speeds! The keyless precision chuck allows for quick exchange of all accessories with shanks from 1/64″ to 1/8″. The MSRP is $96, and the unit is available from Proxxon, www.proxxon.com/us.