20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles


20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles

Create simple, sweet, stackable puzzles and toys that kids will love.  

20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles: 56 Easy Animal Designs for Beginners available now! 

By Jaeheon Yun

A must-have, beginner-friendly guide for quick and easy scroll saw projects! 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles features 56 easy and adorable animal family puzzle designs that consist of no more than 10 pieces each. These skill-building projects result in fun and engaging puzzles for kids, making for excellent gifts and timeless keepsakes!

After opening with detailed sections on the scroll saw basics, wood selection, safety, choosing a blade, child-safe finishes, and more, a helpful step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a puzzle project from start to finish. From there, be inspired by high-quality, full-size scroll saw patterns and make a collection of classic yet one-of-a-kind wooden toys and puzzles, consisting of sheep, foxes, toucans, meerkats, sea creatures, and so much more!

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Download Free Koala Pattern


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Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial

Jaeheon will walk you through a helpful step-by-step tutorial to show you how to make a puzzle project from start to finish.

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Over 50 Designs

Inside you will find 56 full-size scroll saw patterns of stackable animal family puzzles that consist of no more than 10 pieces each and can be cut in 20 minutes

 free scroll saw pattern

Full-Size Scroll Saw Patterns

High-quality, full-size scroll saw patterns, consisting of sloths, koalas, unicorns, safari animals, sea creatures, and so much more!

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About the Pattern Designer and Author

 Jaeheon Yun is a puzzle designer based in South Korea. He graduated from Seowon
University with a degree in Industrial Design in 2004; then, just before his first child was
born in 2011, he bought a scroll saw and began making toys. Find more of his work on Etsy
at Namunolie.Learn more about Jaeheon here!

Scroll Saw Patterns Include:


Herd of Alpacas

Squirrel Monkey Game Night

Shark & Friends

… Colorful Chameleons, Dachshund Stack, Folk Art Doves, Fairytale Dragons, Cotton-Candy Elephants, Fluffy Gorillas, and many more!

Super simple and crazy cute, this menagerie of interlocking animals is a recipe for endless fun! Learn how to achieve easy stackable puzzles that children will love, with 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles!

“Jaeheon’s work stands out as truly amazing.”
—John A. Nelson, author of Scroll Saw Workbook

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